LAMI Door Selection

LAMI doors are manufactured using a pressure moulding process. This process produces a door leaf that is completely seamless and has no joints or lippings. For environments with high hygiene, water and chemical resistance and durability requirements LAMI door is an ideal choice. LAMI doors withstand constant moisture, water, strong disinfectants and cleaning agents for decades thanks to its encapsulated door structure and smooth gelcoat surfaces. LAMI doors will not rot, rust, swell or warp even after years of usage. 

LAMI doors are specialist doors which are custom made for each application. The wide range of door sizes, colours, vision panels and accessories are all manufactured according to the client specification.

LAMI doors product range includes Single Action Doors, Double Action Doors, Sliding Doors and Strip Curtains. LAMI product range includes also Fire Rated doors, Acoustic Doors as well as X-Ray doors. All these compliment the features and benefits of the standard LAMI doors in terms of hygiene, durability and aesthetics.