LAMI KL Manual Sliding Doors and KLA Automatic Sliding Doors

LAMI KL Manual Sliding doors and KLA Automatic Sliding doors have been designed for applications where sliding action is required. The RTG/KL sliding doorset provides the option of X-Ray protection to the user defined lead rate. Sliding doors have proved to be particularly popular option in care centre environments.

The use of LAMI doors is particularly suited to harsh environments, hygienic areas or applications subject to high levels of water and moisture. LAMI doors are lightweight, durable, hygienic, safe and easy to use.

The pressure moulded encapsulated sandwich structure of LAMI doors is built to be completely waterproof and gas proof. LAMI doors will not rot, rust, swell or warp. LAMI doors will stay unaffected by continuous water and moisture even after decades of use. LAMI doors are seamless and has no joints or lippings. The non-porous smooth gelcoat surfaces of LAMI doors can withstand the strongest disinfectants and cleaning agents.


The Brochures include a product description, table of dimensions, technical details, options, accessories and NBS specification.

Sliding Doors Standard Options

  • Sliding Gear:  KL door - Lami 100 aluminium sliding track with nylon rollers on ball bearings and adjustable rubber slide stops, KLA door - Proprietary automatic systems including Besam, Dorma, Abloy and Geze
  • Track Cover: KL door -  integral white powder coated aluminium track cover with PVC end plates
  • Floor Guide: KL door - stainless steel floor guide with plastic pin at threshold beside the frame leg No floortrack at threshold
  • Double Doors: KL door - bi-parting double doors, KLA door - automatic bi-parting double doors


For basic information of LAMI doors, non-standard sizes, standards and certificates, please find a Technical page.