LAMI doors for Veterinary Centres

LAMI doors provide durability and long-term maintenance-free operation. The doors within veterinary premises, clinics and holding areas are required to be hygienic, water and moisture resistant, resistant to strong disinfectants and cleaning agents and durable.

The seamless door structure and smooth surfaces of LAMI doors make them extremely easy to clean and durable in harsh environments. LAMI doors also withstand the strongest disinfectants and cleaning agents. The lightweight nature makes LAMI doors safe and easy to use.

LAMI Fire, Acoustic and X-Ray Doors as well as Standard Doors

LAMI doors product range includes Single Action Doors, Double Action Doors and Sliding Doors. Within veterinary environments LAMI doors offer excellent strength, durability and the highest standards of hygiene with no compromise on fire, acoustic or X-ray performance. LAMI product range includes also Fire Rated doors (F240, F120, F90, F60, F30), Classified Acoustic Doors (sound reduction index up to Rw dB35) as well as X-Ray doors (1-4mm lead rate). All these compliment the features and benefits of the standard LAMI doors in terms of hygiene, durability and aesthetics.