Innovative LAMI GRP doors have been developed with decades of experience for the most demanding and harsh environments

LAMI - Comprehensive Care

LAMI DOORS group offers its clients comprehensive care, from product advice and specification writing right through to on-site installation and after-sales support. We are continually developing installation, maintenance, guarantees and recycling. 


Every delivery of LAMI GRP doors includes comprehensive fitting instructions to assist installers in their correct installation. However, we recommend that installation of our doors should be carried out by our own fully trained installers who have long-term experience and are familiar with varying on site conditions. Further assistance can always be gained by calling your LAMI representative.


Even in severe conditions, LAMI GRP doors will provide decades of trouble-free operation under normal use. LAMI GRP door leaves are practically maintenance free. Regular care and attention will ensure that the life of the door is extended to its optimum. Care and attention is predominately concentrated on fittings, locking arrangement and accessories. The correct tightness of fixing screws and the general condition of accessories should be inspected annually. In heavy use it is recommended to make more regular inspections.
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LAMI doors only require cleaning using any common cleaning agents and spirit based solvents. Carbon tetrachloride, high concentrate chlorides, alkaline washing agents and grinding pastes should be avoided. When pressure washed, take care to prevent the penetration of water through the fixing screws and between the frame and wall construction.  

For any maintenance requirements, our service department will be happy to help you.

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LAMI DOORS group guarantees the quality of their products and this guarantee is extended for a period of 2 years from the date of delivery for all their products under normal usage. In respect of water and moisture resistance, starting from 1st January 2012 we extend the guarantee for a period of 25 years from the date of delivery for LAMI GRP door leaves and frames excluding any accessories under normal usage. Details available on request.

Recycling     lami_kierratys.jpg

Doors, frames and metal parts can be recycled. All metal parts of LAMI doors can be recycled via a metal dealer.  An option for the conventional recycling of door leaves is the re-use of the door leaf in a secondary application. Door leaves and frames can be returned to LAMI DOORS group. We will take care of the correct recycling of the materials used. 
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LAMI DOORS group has an Environmental Policy. We are pleased to give any further advice on recycling the products.